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by Jens Rösler / Stefan Wallrafen

"Collectible Stars I" - MONTBLANC writing instruments 1908 - 1947

The complete documentation - more than 200 pages - of MONTBLANC's production
of writing equipment from 1908 - 1947.
More than 1.400 products including production period and value -
more than 800 products in colour and actual size -
more than 200 pictures of old advertising and product descriptions many of them published for the first time -
English and German -
first documentation of the MONTBLANC turning pencil production until 1947 -
first documentation of the MONTBLANC PIX repeater pencils until 1947 including the "Ur-Pixe" -
first documentation of the guilloches of the precious metal overlays -
first documentation of the MONTBLANC sub brands and trader brands -
first documentation of the ASTORIA products.
More than 4000 hours of research and work went into this book by Jens Rösler and Stefan Wallrafen.
To get the necessary pictures some of the world's outstanding collections had to be inspected, classified and photographed.
More than 1000 MONTBLANC products had to be classified, photographed and digitally optimized, many of them after a previous thorough cleaning and restoration.
More than 500 pictures of MONTBLANC advertising material had to be classified and digitally optimized.
More than 100.000 data had to be merged and structured into an English/German database.
The result is the world's biggest digital archive on MONTBLANC products and printed matter until 1947.
A large part of this information will be available for free on our page www.collectiblestars.com.
"Collectible Stars I" is the reference book for all now and future generations of MONTBLANC enthusiasts.
Cloth cover with gold lettering, in a slipcase.

price: 149,- € plus shipping

You can order directly by mail here: COLLECTIBLE STARS I
A table with the shipping costs is here.
You can download a teaser here as PDF-file (about 2,5 MB).
The next volume "Collectible Stars II" from 1948 - 2013 is expected to be completed by 2015.
Intended are 300 pages with more than 1.500 products and around 1.000 pictures including periods of production, value estimates and retail price.